Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

GLAM 2012

Siti Nurhaliza as Madonna? 

What era are you guys living in????? Madonna doesn't own the crown anymore, Gaga does!! I think if Siti as Gaga, there will be more ideas coming out from your head, but with madonna? Seriously? And the cover, I don't want to say much.......

but its getting boring and boring.....

fashion should not be boring.....

and its happening here~

just like Scott Schuman said: These asian people too much of Western that they don't know how to express their own identity

I don't want to be too LOUD and OVERREACTED, I guess they just wanna make us think

don't judge a book by its cover, who knows if Siti pose as gaga inside, eating hotdog in Ikea maybe~


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